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The true essence of the Alps: discovering Alagna

Alagna and Riva, lying at the bottom of the valley of Valsesia, have always been linked but rival communities owing to their geographical proximity and common historical events. In ancient times, they formed a single community known as Pietre Gemelle. Two different communities cohabited in medieval Pietre Gemelle, which were set apart spatially: Riva, a more ancient settlement which spread across the low-lying areas towards the south and with typical Valsesia features, and Alagna, more to the north, where the community was of German origins and spoke the Walser language.

In the footsteps of the Walser

Not only sport. The small villages, the Walser houses and the ancient water mills make Alagna a destination for tourists who are interested in the true essence of the Alps. Not only sport, not only outdoor activities. Lovers of art and cultural trips will find many architectural and artistic attractions in the old town centre. The parish church of San Giovanni Battista, dating back to the late gothic period, houses various treasure of art and craftsmanship, such as the soapstone pulpit, the Baroque, gilded and inlaid, wooden altar and various statues, furnishings, plasterwork items and decorations.
The typical wooden buildings, legacies of the old Walser people who in the fourteenth century crossed the Alps and settled in the area to the south of Monte Rosa, are what make Alagna Valsesia so unique. Here the Walser culture is noted for its style, dialect, history and traditions and continues to survive thanks to institutions such as the Museo Walser, which is located in the area of Pedemonte a few minutes from the town and was inaugurated in 1976.
Dominating Varallo is the Sanctuary of Sacro Monte, another destination worthy of a visit, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The sanctuary was built towards the end of the XV century by a Franciscan friar upon his return from Jerusalem, where he had guarded the Holy Sepulchre. He decided to recreate the places where Jesus had lived in Palestine so that who could not go to Palestine could see the holy sites here in Varallo. 

The Alta Valsesia Regional Park

Not just art. Alagna is also the ideal destination for lovers of nature and walks in the open air. This small village is located in the midst of the Alta Valsesia Regional Park, which rises from an altitude of 880 metres in the town of Fobello to 4,554 metres at the top of the peak of Punta Gnifetti, and is therefore the highest park in Europe. It is dominated by the presence of the Monte Rosa massif and its glaciers which, particularly in the area of Alagna, provide an extraordinary and exciting backdrop to hiking trips.
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