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Watersports at the river

River adventures 

The river Sesia is the hotspot for tourists who love uncontaminated nature and undiscovered places. The green nature and an intact, pure, crystal clear river richly populated by a precious ecosystem.
Every year from May to September thousands of people visit this wild valley to saddle the waves rafting, surfing the waters in a hydrospeed, descending sinuous rapids in a kayak and choosing canyoning itineraries to dream of.
  • Canyoning: drops, slides, waterfalls and toboggans etched out of the rocks by the millenary activity of water characterize the natural environment faced when canyoning (also known as canyoneering). 
  • Inflatable kayak: our basecamps in the Valsesia e Vara Valleys, the pristine waters of the two rivers, together with our team of qualifi ed guides off er landscapes of rare beauty and a memorable excursion. Each infl atable kayak accommodates one or two paddlers, based on the chosen model, and a F.I.Raft or River Guide/Kayak Instructor will conduct a dry briefing to illustrate the descent and paddling techniques and will accompany each excursion giving directions during the run.
  • Rafting: this is a great group activity, and contrary to common belief, Rafting is a sport suitable for novices too, as no special abilities are required.
  • Hydrospeed: of all river sports, it is unique as you are totally immersed in the river and in actually become part of the element.
  • River Initiation: for the little ones ranging from 5 to 11/12 years, takes place the “River Baptism”. In a safe river stretch, where the current is weak, they come in a playful way approached the River and its activities. Depending on the number of children, rafting boats or inflatable canoes are used. The currents of the river are explained to him, how to swims in the river, how to paddles, how can save a person in the river, they play in water and with water.  
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