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Fully enjoy outdoor activities in contact with snow and nature!

A new location where to skiing in Piedmont

The ski area features a difference in altitude of more than 1100m, ranging from 1420m in the town of San Domenico to 2500m at Cima del Dosso, crossing the sunny and attractive Conca dell'Alpe Ciamporino at an altitude of 1936m.

The ski slopes are usually open from early December to early May, also thanks to excellent natural snowfall that is unparalleled throughout the Ossola mountains and is probably one of the best in the entire Alps.
  • Alpine Skiing
The area offers 36 kilometres of professionally groomed ski slopes, served by 7 ski lifts for use by skiers.
The easy wide slopes of the Alpe Ciamporino are available for beginners so they can learn to ski or perfect their technique in a peaceful atmosphere while benefitting from the professionalism and friendliness of the ski instructors of the Scuola Sci San Domenico. Ski slopes such as the “Salarioli” and the “Campo Scuola” have gentle slope gradients of about 10-12% and wide groomed tracks, which in some places exceed 150 metres: they are perfect features for learning and you can be sure to improve your skills! In addition, the magic carpet conveyor lifts on the ski school slope ensure that everyone can enjoy their first falls while on skis or on a snowboard in complete safety!

The most challenging and technical slopes of Passo Sella and Passo Dosso are for the most demanding skiers and competitive ski teams. With their steepness and level of technical difficulty, these slopes have enabled San Domenico to obtain approval from the International Ski Federation for organising international competitions (FIS) of fast disciplines (Downhill and Super G): an acknowledgement that makes San Domenico unique in the entire Ossola mountain area! Ski slopes such as “La Sella”, “Diei” and "Valletta" and variants such as “Bondolero 1, 2 e 3” provide technical walls with slope gradients of up to 55%, quick changes in direction and bumps and depressions that can put even the most expert skiers skills to the test!

We should not overlook the thrills offered by the "Intermedia” and the ”Casa Rossa” ski slopes. An exciting descent from the Alpe Ciamporino to the village of San Domenico, combining steep snow walls, trails through woods and stretches along narrow trails: a "must" for all skiers who choose the ski area of San Domenico Ski!
  • Snowboarding/Snowpark
Snowboarding in San Domenico has a long-standing consolidated tradition that dates back to the origins of the sport. The snow-covered slopes of San Domenico, especially those off-piste trails that are unspoilt with a soft snow cover, have been the destination of a large number of skiing enthusiasts for decades. 
For beginners, the Ski School has specialised snowboard instructors so you can learn the best techniques in a safe environment. 
The facilities are complemented with a snowpark, Sando Snowpark, which is always updated with new equipment: it is a place where you can experiment doing acrobatic evolutions and jumps in a specific area at the foot of the “Salarioli” massif, which provides an impressive and breathtaking environment.

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  • Baby Park
Families are also welcome to use the Baby Park San Domenico Ski service. Parents who want to enjoy a day on the snow can leave their children in the care of our specialised staff. Under the guidance of our staff, children can play on inflatables, colour and draw, etc. on their own or with other children while parents can have fun on the snow without any worries! The service must be booked at least the day before by 6pm.

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