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Salò and Gardone Riviera: discovering a unique cultural and historical heritage

When you visit Salò and Gardone Riviera, you immediately realise that you are experiencing a cultural, historical and artistic heritage that is truly unique.

An elegant town nestled in the gulf of the same name, Salò offers a charming location (well-protected from north winds) and fascinating art and history.

Founded in Roman times under the name of Salodium, in the 13th century it was the capital of the "Magnifica Patria" (Magnificent Homeland that grouped together the towns on the Brescia riviera of Lake Garda and part of the Valsabbia). Salò retained this role even later, when it came under the rule of the Republic of Venice. Its historic centre reveals its glorious past. It is a real treasure, with noble palaces built between the15th and 17th centuries and the Duomo (cathedral), built in the 15th century in late-Gothic style, with a richly embellished Renaissance portal that preserves works by Romanino, by the school of Paolo Veneziano and Andrea Celesti.

Gardone Riviera with its lakeside promenade, villas and important hotels retains the charm of bygone days. Thanks to its mild climate and lush vegetation, it has been an international tourist destination since the late 19th century. Villa Alba, on the outskirts of the town, is surrounded by a large public garden. Its dock was at the Torre di San Marco, situated further down on the shore of the lake. The Heller Botanical Garden (created by the naturalist Andrè Heller) covering 10,000 square metres, houses more than 8,000 varieties of plants and flowers from all countries.

Gardone di Sopra, the oldest part of the town, preserves the ancient atmosphere of the past with its picturesque views and villas surrounded by greenery. Here, Gabriele D’Annunzio commissioned the building of the Vittoriale degli Italiani (shrine of Italian victories), which, after his death became a national museum at his behest. From here, a scenic walk along Via Belvedere leads to Fasano.
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