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San Domenico, Piemonte

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Skiing and Snowboarding

San Domenico: the ski area and snow park

The ski area covers a difference in altitude of more than 1100m, ranging from 1420m in the town of San Domenico to 2500m at Cima del Dosso, crossing the sunny and attractive Conca dell’Alpe Ciamporino at an altitude of 1936m.

It offers 36 kilometres of professionally groomed ski slopes, served by 7 ski lifts for use by ski enthusiasts. From beginners to experts, in San Domenico everyone can find the ideal ski slope to express their desire for snow and the mountains! The ski area features an interesting variety of groomed ski slopes of varying difficulty, wide slopes in open spaces and exciting descents among trees.

The ski slopes usually open from early December to early May, also thanks to natural snowfall of the highest quality that is unparalleled throughout the Ossola area and is probably the best in the Alps. The geographical location of most ski areas above 2000m, the favourable exposure of the ski slopes and the frequency of precipitation are the determining factors of an ideal setting from this perspective.

Sando Snowpark

The snowy slopes of San Domenico, especially those off the beaten track, are great for snowboarding. Not to mention the Sando Snowpark: the place where you can try acrobatic tricks and jumps at the foot of the Massiccio dei “Salarioli”, in a breathtaking setting.

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