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Kids World

Kids on holiday: the ideal hotel for your children

The essential components for the resort's entertainment programme, provided by Peter Pan, are playful learning, pure fun, adventure and sports. Each club combines these in a different way, from the Baby and Mini Club, for children from 3 to 9 years old, to the Junior Club for those aged 10 to 13 years.
The resort also provides, for a fee, a baby kit, with baby bath tub, changing table, bottle warmer, kettle and cot.
There is a dedicated children's menu or buffet in the restaurant for all our little guests and they cal also choose to eat with the Mini club staff. In the Resort there is also a playground in the pine forest, with the Indian village and a field for archery.

Games. Creative Labs. Water fun. You’ll never feel bored.

Every age has a favourite game, just like our entertainment programme that each year offers increasingly more active and fun-filled activities. This summer, children on holiday at our Resort will have lots of new activities to try out. Starting from our Labs: from the Magic Lab, where they’ll learn the basics and put on a small show, to our Galactic Lab dedicated to astronomical observations using a Telescope. From the Green Lab where children will learn how to plant seeds and see them sprout, to Art Attack, through Riciklando, to learn the rules of recycling apparently useless material, but that can still have a new life. And finally, Little chef, the lab that will make children experiment in the kitchen.
We also have games for younger children and for those who still need to become familiar with water, such as Little dolphins: we’ll start to gain confidence with the water by sitting on the shore and being lulled by the waves as they break gently on the beach. Then, still sitting on the shore, we’ll venture where the water is slightly deeper and where we can move our legs and splash our feet. The next step will see our little guests enter the sea and, with the help of arm bands, become familiar with their body movements and with the sea.

Finally, we have classic sports games, such as Rings in the water: this is a variation of the traditional game “Capture the Flag”. Participants are divided into two teams and numbered. Two swim rings, one for each team, are placed in the water. Instead of a handkerchief, rubber rings are used which must be captured. Whoever manages to capture the ring, instead of going back to his or her place (as in Capture the Flag), must run into the water and put the captured ring inside the swim ring, trying not to be tagged by an opposing team player. The team that puts 11 rings inside its swim ring wins. Another game is Holes in the water: a swim ring is floating on the water. Players take a ball and try to hit the swim ring, while their opponents try to block the ball. If the ball falls into the opponents’ hands, then it’s their turn to try and hit the swim ring. The team that hits the swim ring the most times wins.
Enjoy a fun and friendly summer at Is Arenas Nature & Charme Resort!
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