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The essence of wellbeing

At Is Arenas, wellbeing is a part of everything. The silence, the way the sea gently laps at the shore, the Mediterranean explosion of colours and scents, the pure air you breathe as you walk through the pine forest: the journey to taking care of yourself starts here.
Stay Healthy: feeling good is a choice, taking care of yourself is a daily lifestyle. The concept of wellness as designed by the Is Arenas Resort combines three main principles: Nature, Energy, and Knowledge.
The word Nature encapsulates the uniqueness of the location of the Resort, nestled in the heart of the pine forest whence it takes its name, with 800 hectares of greenery and characteristic plants such as Mastic, Rosemary, Cistus, Asparagus, Acacia, Juniper, Stone Pine and Aleppo Pine, Australian Wattle, Tamarisk, Wild orchids and Palmettos. And a 6 km-long beach with fine sand and shallow, emerald-green waters. Nature also means the particular state of communion and sharing that guests at Is Arenas can experience, a oneness with Nature. Anyone who spends a few days immersed in this incredible pine forest notices an improvement in their state of relaxation during the day and their quality of sleep at night. What may seem like a spell is actually the effect of the particular oxygenation that the natural microcosm has on its guests. A detoxifying power, if you will, much like the one contained in the special essences of these plants, the active ingredients of the SPA’s cosmetic line.

Energy harks back to the man’s deepest dimension, that vital state of balance and harmony that can only be reached by a wellness programme aimed at revitalising and nourishing the self. A combination of body care treatments and holistic activities to heal the spirit.

Knowledge is the central dimension of every journey, a process of growth and maturation in which the place we find ourselves in is no longer an entity outside of us, but a force that changes us from within, moulding and carving us one moment at a time. When we travel, we rediscover an internal order, a balance that allows us to live more peacefully, thus helping us in the delicate process of reflection. This principle is reflected in the proposal of wellness programmes aimed at complete relaxation of the self, in full awareness of body and soul.
Not just treatments. The Resort’s wellness offering boasts a varied daily programme of holistic courses for all guests, a series of daily activities aimed at eliminating stress and promoting relaxation through activities such as: Pilates, Yoga, Stretching on the beach.
All guests of the SPA can also enjoy a relaxation area, three massage cabins with private shower and the Turkish bath.

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