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Narbolia, Sardegna

Is Arenas Resort




Relaxation and Sport. Many activities to balance your body and mind

A holiday at the Is Arenas Resort gives your mind, body and spirit a regenerating experience. The fitness programme consists of activities aimed at achieving the physical and mental wellbeing, that balance between body and mind that is so often put to the test by the stresses of modern life, with both individual and group disciplines and sports, so that you can choose the best option for you. The imperative is to Stay Healthy!

Most of the physical activities on offer, such as Yoga and Pilates, also deeply involve mind and spirit. Beach Volleyball are perfect summer activities, whereas walking or e-biking allow you to enjoy the charming and relaxing views of the area.

Fitness, stretching and breathing exercises, to increase elasticity, stimulate mobility, strengthen the joints and fortify the deep muscles. Yoga enhances perception, concentration and attention, and helps to relax body and mind; along with meditation, it is the ideal activity for the Is Arenas’ vast beach or in the quiet pine forest.

A full training for the control of postural muscles and, in particular, of the Powerhouse, the strength centre which consists of deep abdominal muscles, glutes and adductors. Pilates involves not only the major muscles, but also those which are used least, resulting in a toned body, improved balance and relaxation and the elimination of the chemical effects of stress, thanks to an increased oxygen supply and a fresh awareness of your own potentialities.

The resort provides its guests with electric bikes for rides in the pine forest, amidst the sounds and scents of nature, surrounded by the peace of a timeless microcosm.

Take a walk on the seafront along six kilometres of beach, or on the paths through the great pine forest, where you can also enjoy Nordic Walking with the special walking sticks.

Beach Volleyball, beach soccer, bocce, archery competitions
The entertainment team takes care of organising morning tournaments on the beach.
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