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The Village of Suvereto

The town of Suvereto is a beautiful Tuscan corner in the province of Livorno with the power to stop time. Known for its typically medieval architecture, every detail fascinates and impresses the visitor, immersing him in another era with its characteristic stone structures, the traditional events that take place throughout the year and the picturesque Rocca Aldobrandesca, symbol of the walled village and an integral part of a beautiful park.
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Village of Pitigliano

The village of Pitigliano is located in the province of Grosseto and its unique beauty has made it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy according to ANCI. The architectural heritage of the town and its Etruscan origins give this charming town a magical aura that, with its historic buildings and scenic views, offers the best of the architectural and landscape features of Tuscany.
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Accesa Lake

Accesa Lake is a small stretch of water of the Maremma, distinctive from a naturalistic point of view, but also peculiar from an archaeological point of view. On its banks, in fact, was found an ancient Etruscan settlement, now an archaeological park, which gave rise to curious folk legends. A place not to be missed during your stay in Riva Toscana.
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Torre Mozza beach

Torre Mozza beach is a picturesque coast of fine sand part of the Sterpaia Coastal Park, 3 km from the center of Follonica. The characteristic tower of 1500 seems to supervise the bathers who every year populate this magnificent beach, divided between bathing establishments and free beach.
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Gulf of Baratti

Among the top locations to visit in Tuscany, you can not miss the Gulf of Baratti. A beautiful stretch of coast and a popular destination for tourists from all over Italy, this gulf, with its particular horseshoe shape, is surrounded by nature, marking the colors of the territory between the green of the lawn, the gold of the beach and the blue of the sea.
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Cala Violina Beach

Cala Violina is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the Maremma. Its name comes from the light and grainy sand, characteristic of this place, and the noise that it emits when you walk on it. Its crystal clear sea is crystal clear and unique, thanks to the wonderful Mediterranean maquis that expands to the adjacent beach.
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Etruscan baths of Venturina Terme

In the locality of Venturina Terme there is the suggestive Calidario "Terme Etrusche". The historic natural spring offers its benefits to guests by exploiting the power of thermal water and its vapors in the name of well-being.
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Biancane Nature Park

The Biancane Nature Park is a peculiar area of Tuscany, unique for its geothermal characteristics. Thanks to the guided routes, it is possible to attend the geothermal events on the territory, with bizarre and curious names. A fun opportunity to discover the fluffy shower heads, the bubbling mud lagoons and the gaseous Putizze and Mofete.
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